Neptune Statue In Virginia Beach 

The Grand Unveiling

Last month, on June 2, is when we launched Delorean Longboards and made our grand entrance into the skateboard community.  The setting was Jackalope Fest in Virginia Beach where the turnout was impressive, with over 50,000 people attending.  The festival gave us our first opportunity to connect with riders of all ages and curious newcomers who were drawn to the uniqueness of our boards design.  Our booth stood out as a vibrant hub of excitement and inspiration, and we were thrilled to introduce everyone to our diverse range of models, each designed to cater to various riding styles.  The enthusiastic response from everyone validated all the years of hard work and dedication we poured into crafting each board. 


Delorean Longboards Vendor Booth at Jackalope Fest in Virginia Beach


One of the highlights of the event was Tony Hawk walking past our booth with an entourage of 20 people and then taking to the ramps where he proved why he is still a legend in the skateboarding world. 


Tony Hawk at Jackalope Fest


Looking Forward

As we reflect on the incredible success of our launch at Jackalope Fest, we are grateful for the overwhelming support we received from the skateboarding community.  This event marked the beginning of an exciting journey for our brand and we are eager to continue pushing boundaries, creating exceptional longboards, and inspiring riders of all levels. Stay tuned for more fantastical adventures! 

Ride On, 

Delorean Longboards

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