We believe that our boards could be used as a tool to impact people’s lives in a positive way.  We want to build a community where we inspire and support each other to push our limits and promote self growth. We strive to inspire every man, woman, and child on earth to get on a board and boost their confidence as they build strength, mobility, and balance.


The Founders

Growing up in Virginia Beach, Nicholas Stewart was heavily influenced by the surf and skate culture. Spending his teenage summers working along side his father as a carpenter, Nick began building wooden skateboards for fun.  After attending welding school, the materials and his desire to build continued.  One day his dad drew a crazy looking skateboard and called it the ‘Delorean’.  Inherently curious, Nick began to construct the board making over 20 different prototypes, including a welded aluminum version.  As his career in the welding industry took over, the idea of the board sat in the back of his mind, knowing that one day he wanted to bring it to life.  Twelve years later,  after moving to California and stepping into the world of design and custom furniture.  Nick was able to evolve this idea into something truly special and distinctive. 

  After years of researching and prototyping, Nick teamed up with his partner Judy Berberian, who has a fine art and design background. Together, they inspired each other to bring the Delorean boards to life.